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Advantages of Organic Farming
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer production contributes to a high level of biodiversity and the preservation of species and natural habitats.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer production makes responsible use of energy and natural resources.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer production takes account of local and regional balances and encourages the use of on-site resources.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer production enhances soil life, natural soil fertility and water quality.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer products meet consumer demand for authentic, high quality and tasty food.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer labelling offers consumers confidence that their goods are produced under controlled organic standards.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer production offers consumers the guarantee that all enterprises in the organic sector are regularly inspected by authorities.”
  • “Consumer demand for Organic Agro Fertilizer products is growing, offering increased business opportunities for all sectors of the food supply chain.”
  • "Organic Agro Fertilizer farming allows opportunities for members of the food supply chain to reconnect with consumers.”

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